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    We have a team of experienced consultants ready, willing and able to assist and empower you and your team to get those tasks and projects done that get put off because they end up in the too hard basket or you don’t have the resources and bandwidth to get the job done! Our team of consultants are experienced practitioners in Early Years Learning and Out of School Hours. Our consulting services deliver tailored and pragmatic solutions across the following areas:

    • Position Description Writing
    • Writing of Key Performance Indicators
    • Policy Writing
    • Professional Development Needs Analysis
    • Facilitating and Training
    • Business Planning
    • Business Process Improvements
    • Change Management
    • Risk Assessments
    • Compliance Auditing
    • Support and Advice for Community and Parent Management Committee’s

    Our consultants hold qualifications in:

    • Business and Operational Management
    • Finance
    • Early Education and Care
    • Out of School Hours
    • Business Administration
    • Change Management
    • Risk Management
    • Project Management

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